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IMEJ Guest Editor of the Month
Ewa Donesch-Jezo
Corpus-based Teaching of Research Article Abstract Writing in L2 Courses for University Students

A genre important for presentation and dissemination of scientific achievements is the research article abstract. After the title, it is the abstract which influences the readers’ decisions about whether the article is worth reading. The abstract also influences the decisions of science conference organizers about whether the paper can be accepted for presentation. In view of the students’ future professional needs, the teachers of English classes at the university level should include in the curriculum of their courses teaching competence which would allow both undergraduate and postgraduate students to write a research article abstract in a convincing and credible way within the standards of academic rhetoric.

The aim of this paper is to present evidence from a classroom-based study of the effectiveness of a genre-based approach to developing academic rhetorical competence in students of English language courses. The study involved the analysis of the corpus, comprising research article abstracts, conducted by students under the teacher’s guidance and assistance. Using concordance software together with awareness-raising tasks shows how rhetorical conventions govern the structure of the research article abstract as well as the choice of grammar, lexis and style.

Ewa Donesch-Jezo, Ph. D.
Vice-Director, Institute of Teaching Foreign Languages,
Centre of Jagiellonian University,
Krakow, Poland.Europe
Article Details are available in Published Article section (March. Issue on 1. Position)
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